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Do you need 4K CCTV

4k is the very latest in ultra Hi-Definition CCTV.

TVI DVRs and IP NVRs offer 4k recording at a very cost-effective price. TVI (Transport Video Interface) is a way of transmitting high definition CCTV images over coax or CAT5 cable.

TVI and IP brings 4k resolution to Hi-Definition analogue CCTV and IP digital CCTV.

TVI is very flexible, TVI CCTV cameras and TVI DVRs are compatible with old analogue (CVBS) CCTV so they can be used as replacement cameras or DVRs in an old system or used to upgrade an old CCTV system a bit at a time. Our TVI DVRs also support 4k IP cameras making them a true hybrid DVR.

With such high-resolution images and wide angles of surveillance, fewer individual cameras are required to cover extensive spaces. This makes the TVI CCTV and IP digital systems we provide ideal for a range of businesses including pubs, restaurants, farms, shops and Factories.