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4K Ultra HD 4K 16 channel NVR BUILT IN POE H.265

4K Ultra HD 4K 16 channel NVR BUILT IN POE H.265

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This recorder does not come with a hard drive as standard, we will install one for you if you wish, just let us know what size you would like or tell us how long you would like to keep recordings for and we will work it out for you.


16 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder with 16 PoE ports.


The 16 Channel NVR is a powerful new design which purpose is to achieve the highest resolution possible within CCTV. Capable of operating sixteen 4K cameras simultaneously as opposed to its rivals on the market which can typically only record one at a time.


When recording 4K camera’s this NVR can record at Real Time 25fps at H.265 compression. This particular NVR will also accept lesser resolutions such as 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 2MP, 960P and 720P. You can mix and match resolutions of cameras to this recorder as long as they're ONVIF compatible, as this recorder is 2.4 ONVIF compatible.


This particular recorder has one RJ45 LAN connection which is an uplink port. Using this port you will need to connect your NVR to your network. To connect your cameras to your NVR will need to connect them to a PoE switch and connect this PoE switch to the same network as your NVR . The NVRs are a very powerful, sophisticated recorder. We have these units used in high priority locations such as airports, museums, government establishments, banks and factories which all make great use of the analytic functions available. Analytic CCTV is a key function used in our newfound digital era to convict people by catching the footage and alerting it immediately with the highest clarity.


When using this camera with our Cameras, you have access to the camera analytics. The different features include Object Removal, Abandon Object, Exception Detection, Line Crossing/Tripwire & Intelligent Motion Detection, to read more information about these features please click here. With using your NVRs with this camera you have the capability to create a more advanced CCTV setup by using the mentioned features. As you can imagine there is a massive variety of how you can customise each camera to property/business.


Easily connect to your recorder remotely via a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. The powerful and highly recommended app is easily configured and reliable. You will be able to watch your property wherever you are. 


 Comes with a two year warranty as standard.



Key Features:




•  16 Channel NVR supports 4K (8MP), 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 2MP, 1MP Resolutions

  • 16 PoE IP Camera input ports

•  Free app.

•  4K HDMI Output & VGA Video output

•  2 x USB Ports, One for the Mouse (Supplied) and one for data backup.

•  1 x IP audio output & 1 x IP audio intput

•  Supports 2 way speech, local or remote. (Audio from select models of IP Cameras)

•  Supports Four SATA hard drives up to 6TB Each (24TB)

•  Playback: 16 Channel simultaneously playback

•  Remote control via IE, FIREFOX, SAFARI or CMS: preview, playback, backup, PTZ and configuration

•  Support PTZ presets and auto custom cruise settings

•  Support P2P function for network configuration, QR code scanning by mobile phone for device.

•  USB Mouse and Power Supply Included

•  Alarm Inputs & Outputs.